Final Project

A relatively new and upcoming theatre company have asked you to create styling ideas and concepts for their latest production called, “Into the Woods”. It is a fairytale story about 2 young lovers and is loosely based on Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The main theme is one of romance and the supernatural (i.e. fairies and tree spirits etc...), and they want you to convey these characteristics in your design without being clichéd; they want you to create something different! This company have already earned a reputation for outstanding dramatic performances, and for their unconventional approach to classic plays; in the past they have added a modern and zany twist to their theatre sets which appeals to a younger audience. Your brief is to provide concept styling ideas for the following:
The main stage backdrop – a woodland theme.
The lead male and female characters’ costumes – these are particularly important. The characters are aged approximately 18-22 and should always be the main focus when they are on stage.
General concept for other supernatural characters – fairies, tree spirits and elves etc...

Your Project is to create a strong visual style that would appeal to the target audience and create mood boards to visually communicate your ideas. Write a brief report explaining the concept and Fashion Story and why you have taken this approach. Present your boards and written report as if it were to a client – neatly and professionally above all else.