Window displays


A new designer is extremely excited about their latest creation - a version of the "Little Black Dress" aimed at women aged 25-40 in the mid-price range. (It will be sold at leading department stores and fashionable boutiques). You have been asked to create a style for a major promotional campaign and are to present concept ideas. Suggest to different approaches, and use mood boards to illustrate your ideas. Write a brief description outlining the Fashion Story and explain how your style ideas will help your client to reach their target audience. 



Imagine you are creating window displays for a high-street department store. This is a chain store selling products in the low to mid price range, and their budget is quite restricted. Create styles and layouts for the following window displays, and prepare mood boards to illustrate your ideas. Also write a brief explanation describing how you will achieve these effects.

Mother of the Bride (2-3 female mannequin display, focusing on clothes)

Cool kids clothes (3-4 child mannequins, ages 3-7)

 Bachelor Pad (using contemporary furniture items and 2 dressed male mannequins)


Part 1 
Find 2 good examples of shop window displays. 


Part 2 
Find 2 bad example and describing why you think it doesn`t work. What would you do instead...? Create mood boards to visually communicate your ideas.